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Organic Everything Balm

Net WT: 30g Made in: Japan ​Shipped from: Japan

・Moisturizing  ・For Whole Body ・ACO Organic Approved

It is a balm that you can use for the whole body with ease, made from all-natural simple ingredients. It will help keep your skin smooth and moisturized.

Natural Theory Balm(Grace).png



Infused with elegant rose essential oil to make women more desirable.

Natural Theory Balm(Relax).png


Relax your mind and body with this lavender and chamomile infused balm.



Natural Sunscreen

Net WT: 30g Made in: Japan ​Shipped from: Japan

・Sunscreen ・Moisturizing  ・For Whole Body

Block the sun and enjoy outdoor life without worrying about damaging your skin. Our Natural Sunscreen provides protection against the sun and has a rich moisturizing effect for sensitive skin.

Natural Theory Sunscreen(Beautiful Day).png

Beautiful Day

Start out your beautiful day with this sunscreen infused with a beautiful blend of frankincense, lavender and mandarin.


Natural Theory Sunscreen (Lavender).png


Enjoy the sun with this calming and relaxing lavender scented sunscreen.


Natural Theory Sunscreen(outdoor).png


Perfect sunscreen for a hot summer day that also works as mosquito repellent.



Natural Lip Cream

Net WT: 10g Made in: Japan ​Shipped from: Japan

・Lip ・Moisturizing

Formulated with high quality jojoba oil and apricot kernel oil for a rich moisturizing effect. It is made from natural beeswax and other plant oils, so it is safe for your body as well.

Natural Theory Lip Cream(Energy).png


Start your day better with this bright and crisp lemon/rosemary scented Lip Cream.


Natural Theory Lip Cream(Relax).png


Enjoy the relaxing soft scent of lavender and orange. Perfect for a lip treatment before bed. 


Black Bee Soap

Net WT: 113g Made in: USA ​Shipped from: USA

・Soap ・Moisturizing  ・Cold Pressed

Soap made with the finest Manuka honey. Refresh yourself with the best balance of a moist and refreshing feeling. You can use it on your face and whole body.

Natural Theory Soap(Therapy).jpg


Luxury quality soap mixed with the highest quality antibacterial manuka honey, propolis, and tea tree. Feel the rich and creamy texture of Black Bee Soap.